Monday, March 15, 2010

A little catch up

So first of all, does everyone know that Penelope is taking flute lessons?  And Diego is taking piano?  Below is a picture that P's teacher took for her classroom bulletin board.  The dress, I got at a flea market in Clark Park.  It had belonged to a woman my age when she was a little's showing it's age a little, but my girl loves it.  I don't have any pictures of Diego at the piano, but he's doing really well with it--much better than I might have expected.  We have a fairly complex incentive system for practicing, but he actually seems to be getting a little bit of reinforcement just out of seeing his improvement himself.
And here are some before pictures of the new house:

The second floor landing:
The 'sunroom'--not so sunny because of the dark paneling and the windows that have been 'smallened' and (in one case) bricked over...
The dining room, looking towards the kitchen.
The kitchen.  Ahem.

Some in progress pictures: 
third floor bedroom, formerly paneled in dark faux wood. 
Leaded glass in one of the bathrooms...
Windows and french doors in the living room...
Oh, Penelope is taking ballet too...