Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Better late than never

Maybe I should rename the blog 'better late than never' since that seems to be a theme here.  Anyway, some belated pictures from December which was (as always) a really really busy month.  The girls both played their flutes in 2 performances (and I use the word 'played' in the loosest sense) and had their ballet recitals (no pictures of Claudia for some reason, but damn she looked cute).  Diego turned 8 (8!) and I sewed and sold a bunch of dolls.  I decided to be a little more official on the business end of things and now have a website and a business card (and a little notebook with lists of ideas and orders!--I love a little notebook).  The website is philadelphiadollco.blogspot.com but there's nothing on it yet.

I also sewed the dresses for the girls' flute recital.  I did Penelope's well ahead of time with the beautiful Anna Maria Horner striped fabric and the black flowers.  I used this pattern (obscure) which I had used before.  I like the pinafore portion much better than the underdress.  Claudia's dress I sewed up super quick the morning of the recital and it is a Simplicity pattern (don't have the number handy) which I have made about 5 times before and LOVE. So simple and easy.  The pattern calls for bias binding at the armholes and neck, which I have done in the past for summer dresses, but since this was a warmer corduroy dress, I opted to just line it instead.

P and I have been reading Hitty and really want to buy this kit but I'm trying to hold back and be reasonable, since I'm really working a lot on the other dolls lately (3 orders for January!).

I got an iphone--more on that soon.