Thursday, March 24, 2011

Off the deep end

I can admit that I may have lost my mind a little bit. Lately, when I've had to fill in my address (requesting a lot of flower catalogues here), if there is a line for 'business name' I've been putting "The Pine Street Doll Factory." I sure do love making dolls, and I think it is a reasonable hobby, especially for someone with 2 doll-loving daughters. But I realize that not allowing said daughters to play with the dolls because they're um...too special is, perhaps, a little bit crazy.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might take this crew down to Vix when they're all done and let Emily sell them for me. The truth is that my girls really do have plenty of dolls. And it is nice to get a little money to cover some of the costs of my hobby (ahem). Plus I like the idea of other little girls having these sweet, simple rag dolls to play with. And I really wouldn't be able to stand seeing P and Claudia mess up their hair...

Friday, March 18, 2011

By the way

Did you know that I live with two princesses?

Imperfect Blogging

I don't mean, of course, that the blog isn't perfect. That is obvious. Instead, I'm thinking of blogging about things that aren't perfect. I seem to read a lot of a particular genre of blog that can be summarized briefly as "aren't we happy and aren't my kids beautiful and precocious, look at how beautiful and original and handmade my house is, look at this beautiful dinner I made/quilt I sewed/sweater I knitted.

Don't get me wrong. Nobody makes me read these blogs, and on the whole I really enjoy them. For the most part, they make me feel sort of optimistic. Inspired. Motivated. And although I am constitutionally incapable of ever even implying that I am happy all the time or coping really really well for long periods of time, I think this blog has mostly been sort of that type. I generally post only when I have something to share that I'm sort of proud of etc.

But sometimes, when everyone in the house and the babysitter have had the barfing flu for a week, and the house is trashed, and all I want to do is sleep, there's just not a lot that belongs on that kind of a blog.

I took some pictures of the house as it's been lately. I was thinking of them as the pre-nesting pictures (optimistically, perhaps--on the assumption that eventually I will have some sort of hormonally-driven urge to whip this place into shape). I know there is nothing particularly edifying about pictures of other people's messy homes, and I only post them now in pursuit of some honesty in blogging. This is not one of 'those' blogs...