Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Three kids plus no school, plus slushy rainy weather, plus no car equals: one strung out mama!  Just parked my big kids with the neighbors to make an emergency diet coke run.  In the pouring rain.

I did engage in the time-honored rainy day activity of bread-making so that we can have garlic bread with dinner tonight.  Plus I dug a tiny container of pesto out of the freezer, so Diego (a true pesto lover) will be happy at dinner.  Also engaged in the time-honored rainy day activity of yelling at the kids and then parking them in front of the television.  So be it.

Diego and I have been stalking this website lately.

Tomorrow I have coffee with Penelope's teacher, so I'll be able to hear what kind of hell-raising she's been up to.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Months of 3

Seems like a milestone worth noting. 

Things seem to be appropriately challenging, but I think I'm getting the hang of having 3 little ones to keep track of.  I can even do it on the trolley.  The kids and I are settling into our routine of me picking them up at school and giving them dinner.  Al is getting used to working in the suburbs and getting home late, usually just in time to kiss the kiddos goodnight.  We're making our way through season 3 of the Sopranos and season 5 of the Wire.  My new double jogger arrived today. 

All is good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get your Barack on!

Ugh, has it really been over a month since I've posted? What can I say, 3 kids is a bit of an adjustment, apparently.

Have been doing almost no crafting. I bought some fabric about 3 weeks ago and washed and dried it per my usual routine. 3 weeks later, ironing it is still my major activity. That and reading the Folkwear catalogue. I also own the Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothes but that is apparently a little too challenging. So I'm sticking to the catalogue for now. Not sewing anything, mind you. Just perusing.

Actually Al and I did manage to wrangle all 3 kids to and from a foreign country without misplacing anyone. And (as Al pointed out) for the first time we all returned from a vacation no more sick than when we left.

We were in Mexico for a week with my brother and his lovely little family. My mom was there for a few days as well. Plenty of family bonding and beach time. Unfortunately not very good Mexican food (we didn't get off the beaten track enough and at the fancy resort they apparently think gringoes want 'fusion' cuisine more that actual Mexican food...

Anyway the trip was great and what a treat to come home to some real winter weather and the inauguration of our new president. Did everyone see the video of Obama doing 'the bump' at one of the balls? I love that man.