Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So it seems that the blog is now another thing to feel vaguely guilty about--like uh oh I haven't written anything on the blog in a few days. We've been busy around here!
Saturday was the Winter Fair at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, which is basically one fabulous kid-centered craft show with delicious organic food, puppet shows and a great playground. As we were leaving the house, Al said "I should get cash." But since he had $20, I told him not to worry about it. Boy was that a mistake. I had to borrow money from Nikki's husband to buy a Laura Ingalls bonnet for Penelope. I think you'll agree it was well worth it.
Note also the pink courduroy smocked frock and bloomers--P's ensemble for brunch at the 4 Seasons for my mom's b-day.

It is grey and rainy here--a good day to make apple pie. I sort of wish I'd kept Diego home from school but with his unpredictable napping and all the packing needed for our weekend at the beach, I decided it would be a more peaceful day (for me at least) if he went to school. Plus, I sort of think there's no point in trying to keep him home a few days a week since once I start work he's going to need to go every day while Al and Penelope get used to each other.

I know that if I hadn't been hired in this job, I would not be enjoying this time at home so much. I'd be wracked with anxiety about my career and what I was going to do with my life. Having been hired, but not actually able to start working has been ideal and I sort of wish it could go on like this indefinately. There are two classes at the art's league I'd sign Diego up for--an art class and a music class. We'd have Monday playgroup--that's 3 mornings already accounted for. I'm hoping that Al will be able to do some of that stuff with him. I really don't think it's ideal for him to be in school as much as he is. And it has really ruined him for low-key down time at home. Maybe ruined is too strong a word, but he definately seems to have a hard time with the concept of not doing much of anything which is really my favorite way to pass a day...

A WPM gathering at Lori's Monday night. Hope many more will follow...

I've been knitting away--I want to finish the noro sweaters for the kids in time for Christmas. Diego's is almost done (and it fits Marisa!):

And here is the yarn for Penelope's. Isn't it delicious.

I also made this turquoise sweater for Diego. I finished it ages ago and have been saving it for his birthday. He hasn't seen it yet and I think he will like it (even though its not striped) because it has pockets and a zipper (well it doesn't have a zipper yet because there is no good way of getting to JoAnn's and it always ends up taking a whole day. Once I get said zipper, I'm taking it to the Chinese cleaners to have it put it since I have had bad experiences attempting to put zippers into knitted garments).

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (although Halloween has been coming in a close second the last few years). We're going to have quite a gathering out at the beach this year. Hope any and all who might read this have a restful and thankful holiday.

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