Friday, June 1, 2007

My question is this: Why should it bother me that my long-term hobbies (we're talking since childhood here!!!) should be suddenly (it seems sudden to me) trendy and cool.

I mean the number of knitting and now QUILTING blogs out there is unbelievable.

And what is wrong with me that it doesn't bring me joy? I ask you. Shouldn't I want everyone to share the joy of crafting? Is it because I've been doing it longer but "they" are better than me? Their blogs are certainly better. Gah.

Before you know it, the Little House on the Prairie historical sites are going to be mobbed--not by dorks in their matching mother-daughter Laura Ingalls dresses (ahem, I hope you are awaiting this year's Halloween pictures with baited breath) but by cool, trendy, thin women wearing homemade moderne baby slings and matching mother-daughter Laura Ingalls dresses. I ask you, is nothing safe from the cool people?

Meanwhile, I waste so much time (and I really don't have a lot of that) perusing other people's blogs instead of spending the precious few moments that I have
cleaning the kitchen
training the puppy
walking the dogs
paying the bills
getting out my summer clothes
getting a haircut
getting a dress for Jason's wedding
getting father's day presents
making something for Talisyn's/Jessica's/Nikki's babies
going to the dentist
going to the chiropractor
getting a massage
going to grand rounds at work

Oh, by the way: that's my to do list. In no particular order.

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