Thursday, July 5, 2007

Well, my brother is married. Sniff. His wedding and mine were about as different as he and I are. His was fun. I posted some pictures below so the folks at work could see how my dress turned out (sorry, but they had to hear about my preparations for weeks, so they wanted pictures). I'll post some of everyone else soon enough.

It's good to be home again. It always seems as though it takes a few weeks to get completely unpacked from a big trip like that. Probably because I spend most of my time checking my email, reading and various blogs and reacquainting myself with all my fabric. Plus having to go to work cuts in to my free time. It's a problem. I have had a run of really nice births at work lately. I had to scrub in on a c/s the last night I was there, and I realized it has been ages since I'd been in the o.r. Lots of nice vag deliveries lately.

I just spoke to Christine and poor Silas has coxsackie.

It's 10:30 here and I'm taking a break from watching Law & Order SVU and knitting on my Jaywalker Socks to make buttered noodles. I did already eat dinner (in case you were wondering). If Al were home he would probably have tried to stop me, but he's at a movie. So buttered noodles it is. With parm and fresh ground pepper. MMMmmmm

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