Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Three kids plus no school, plus slushy rainy weather, plus no car equals: one strung out mama!  Just parked my big kids with the neighbors to make an emergency diet coke run.  In the pouring rain.

I did engage in the time-honored rainy day activity of bread-making so that we can have garlic bread with dinner tonight.  Plus I dug a tiny container of pesto out of the freezer, so Diego (a true pesto lover) will be happy at dinner.  Also engaged in the time-honored rainy day activity of yelling at the kids and then parking them in front of the television.  So be it.

Diego and I have been stalking this website lately.

Tomorrow I have coffee with Penelope's teacher, so I'll be able to hear what kind of hell-raising she's been up to.

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katia / crazy for trying said...

Just found you. I live under a rock.

see you when the weather warms up @ the playground.