Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting and spending...

Most of the time I really enjoy the internet.  But I think I am much more susceptible to the advertising on the internet than I am in any other format.  I guess because it's such perfect niche marketing.  All the websites I frequent are like one big advertisement for my hobbies and interests and lifestyle (and fantasy lifestyle--much more insidous). with the natural toys, cloth diapers and slings, ravelry with the yarn and patterns, flickr with, well, just about everything.  All the blogs that I read make a point of sharing their 'amazing finds' on the internet and usually justify the blatant consumerism and marketing on their personal blogs by making it about supporting craftspeople or worthy causes.  Which I can totally get suckered by--even when it really is just about getting and spending, just like Wal-Mart and the mall.  

I'm reading this book called 'Born to Buy' (recommended by my very insightful friends Christine and Kevin) which is about the effects of consumer culture on children (can you guess--not good).  So I've been a little more aware of my own relationship to acquiring and have noticed that the internet is really the most dangerous place for me (followed closely by any children's book store, fabric store, yarn store or Target).  I'm trying to focus more on our experiences this summer, than on acquisitions.  And I think I might ask Al to move the computer to the basement, because I am weak.  Very weak.

To wit:  look where I spent most of yesterday: 
And here
And here

It's a sickness I tell you.  And yes, I did make some purchases-because they will enhance  our experiences this summer...(or so I tell myself).  Here's the biggest covet of all
It looks better in person than in the pictures...

Oh, and if you try to feed Claudia, she takes the food out of her mouth and puts it down on the table, then feeds it to herself.  So there.

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