Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The February Funk

I'm doing my best to ward it off. In spite of the ice that is still piled in heaps at every intersection in my neighborhood. In spite of the fact that even if I bundle myself and the kids up and haul all of us out to the park, nobody is ever there. In spite of our $1000 dollar heat bill last month (and no, we haven't been keeping the house at 72 degrees. If you are planning a visit to our place, please bring slippers and a sweater.

But Claudia and I made bread today and we're having broccoli soup for dinner. We turned a wall in the kitchen into an art gallery. I have craft day this Saturday. I have many patterns for spring dresses for the girls... And of course, the new baby to start knitting and sewing for.

Yup, that's our news--which most people in real life know by now. One more Schwarz-Madrid is en route and due this spring.

Hope you are warm and managing to keep the February funk away however you can too...

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