Saturday, June 25, 2011

My friends are crazy-talented

And also incredibly kind and generous. I am so amazed that people would think of making and sending so many wonderful things for a 4th baby. Not that I don't think he's worthy of it, of course. More that I sort of expected people to have a kind of "oh, how many kids do they have already" attitude about him. But instead we've been literally showered with beautiful and handmade gifts and delicious home-cooked meals. How lucky are we?


Marisa said...

Who made that book-- Holly!?!?!? It's fantastic.
More pics of Adrian please.
I'm coming to Philly the weekend before Thanksgiving. Be around.

Jessi said...

Hey Marisa, the sweater set isn't bad either! My friend Sarah made the book. I know, it's amazing. We'd be thrilled to see you in the fall... Miss you.