Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February funk.

Oh February how cranky you make me. 
I feel like Alexander from 'Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.'

The baby didn't sleep well and got up early so I won't be able to take my morning run without messing up his nap, and Al got me up 20 minutes later than I asked him to, so I had to rush to get the girls to school and it was colder than I thought it was so I had to give Penelope my scarf and then my neck got cold and I couldn't find my sour cherry jam, so I had to use strawberry, blech.  etc. etc.  And it's only 10 in the morning. 


Sharon Ferguson said...

Poor girl. I read this recently and had a good solid giggle. Maybe you will too. Telling olive about her birth the other day and the nice knitting ladies present. :)

Sharon Ferguson said...

Or in the words of Mr. Slinger the wise mouse teacher in Lily's purple plastic purse... "today has been a difficult day... Tomorrow will be better " :)

Katia / Crazyfortrying said...

i hate days like that -- regardless of what month it is.

Jessica said...

"today has been a difficult day... Tomorrow will be better "

I think in the spirit of optimism, I should tattoo that on my forehead. Plus it would help innocent bystanders understand how to approach me.