Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The big house phase 2

We moved to this house almost exactly two years ago.  I know because we just got back from our annual trip to California last week and two years ago, we got back from California, I worked a 24 hour shift and then we moved the next day.  And because of a pushed-up closing date on our old house, we moved into what was essentially total chaos: no kitchen, major renovations on the first floor, only one functional shower (that remains the case today).
So we moved from a normal-sized house to this crazy huge house and felt like there was so much room and everything was so chaotic that it kind of didn't matter where we put things.  Who needed to be organized when there were so many bedrooms and closets?
Well fast-forward 2 years to now.  Things may look a little better on the surface--the windows open and close, the kitchen has walls and appliances that work.  But the chaos is there still, its just lurking out of site.  Three examples that spring immediately to mind: the kids art cabinet, the coat closet, and...horror of horrors, the basement.  I can't even really discuss the basement without experiencing an anxiety attack of sorts, so we're not going to go there right now.  Instead we're going to ''accentuate the positive" and take a look at The big house, phase 2, step 1.  The pantry.  A few weeks ago, the girls and I emptied EVERY LAST THING out of the pantry, wiped down all the shelves and put everything back in a more orderly and sensible way.  We also disposed of some long-forgotten pantry items that were either past their prime or never going to get used.

Hooray.  Witness, the re-organized pantry.
Look at all that space on the shelf!  Just look at it.

My goals for this summer are to deal with the spaces in this house just like I would if it were smaller and every inch had to be carefully planned and thought out.  Obviously we have enough space in this house.  If there is nowhere to put shoes, then it's because I haven't figured out the right system yet.  So I'll be on the hunt this summer for all kinds of organizing tips and ideas plus I'll be purging stuff that doesn't work for us and trying to get things straightened out so the house is easier to keep neat and more pleasant to be in.  Stay tuned.

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Christine said...

For the record: I never found your pantry overcrowded, but that might be a major stylistic difference between you and me. (I must have 7 kinds of flour, 6 kinds of beans and 5 kinds of rice to feel secure)
But the nano fuzzy looks happy in it's place of honor.