Monday, March 5, 2007

Teeth, hair and socks, oh my!

We've got some big changes around here...mostly related to the little folk I guess (what isn't).

1. Penelope has 4 teeth. She has had them for a while now. She does not appear ready for food yet as she still can't sit up or even roll over very reliably. In fact she seems very resistant to bending at the waist at all (a big necessity for sitting) so the food is on hold now. She is, however, ready for spoons and will happily gag herself with one for many minutes at a time.

2. Penelope is wearing dresses. That's right, dresses. I went thrift store shopping with my buddy Nicole (who has delicious 8-month old Rosie who is most often adorably attired in blousy floral skirted items). Penelope is now the proud owner of about 14 dresses and damn does she look cute. What is wrong with me, I ask you? Six months into being the mother of a daughter and I'm only now discovering the dresses. Behold:

3. We cut Diego's hair. Big time. He had this persistent mat at the back of his head. It was hopeless because it really isn't hair back there--it's more like fur, so as soon as I would brush it out (oh, about every two weeks or so) it would mat back up again. And not in a cool white person dread lock way. More like the sad neglected child whose parents never brush his hair. So now he's shaved and he looks great. Plus he's going to get a few more months out of his lovely green alpaca pilot cap.

4. I've been knitting socks. It's terrible how much work and parenting and wifeing cuts into my sock knitting time. I have the new Interweave knits sock book and it rocks my world. I read it in bed every night. There are at least 8 pairs of socks that I feel I must knit. Plus I've been ordering sock kits on line. And I want to order more. More. All of this means that (of course) I need new show off the socks...

In case you were wondering, yes, Diego is still obsessed with stripes.

Oh, and I showed Diego how to knit. He spent about an hour knitting on a scarf for himself (took him about that long to knit 8 rows or so!). Now he wears the scarf all the time.

There is a possibility that I might lose my job (not because of terrible inteptitude on my part, though I still struggle) but because of large financial issues involving the hospital and the for-profit corporation that owns it (based in Tennessee). Probably I shouldn't talk about it too much here on my blog (I've heard about people getting fired for blog-based work gossip). Anyway the upshot is that I've been spending a good amount of time on this web site: Alaska anyone? Navajo reservation? There was a posting for St Croix not too long ago. Midwifery jobs are so much more interesting than law jobs. I'm so glad we switched.


Kevin said...

Hey Jessi, I see that Homestyle Midwifery in SF is hiring.

nkd said...

And I believe there is a job in Madison, Wisconsin...