Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a very unreliable blogger.

The only thing that inspired me to get on today were these pictures of Fire Island during our recent storm that my dad emailed me.

I don't have any recent pictures of the kids to share. Penelope is as beastly as ever. She scratches an bites and makes horrible wolverine noises in her sleep. Very occasionally, if we are lucky, she will lay her beastly melon head on our shoulder (speaking for both myself and Al here) and allow us to snuggle her. Sarah has often said that Diego is like a cat in the following way: you think you won't be able to pick him up, but if you just try it, you can. Penelope is the opposite. You think you can, but reallly you can't. We're planning to drug her heavily for the airplane ride to CA.
I've joined a sock of the month club ( just in case you wanted to check it out. I'm toe deep in the Cleopatra sock (complete with deadly twining asp and royal jewels). My dad was also kind enough to bring me four (yes 4!) skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn on my last visit in flamingo pink. How fabulous. Just a few more weeks until Sheep and Wool. This Saturday we're going to take the kids to view a sheep shearing at a farm in Fairmount Park, just to get in the spirit.
Still no word on the job front. I'm just plugging along, trying to show up at work on the right day and time and not kill anyone (patients or nurses). One of them said "I never liked that Seinfeld show." Need I say more? I'm trying to keep my spirits up, what with the Cox-Jude contingent moving to Berkely, it snowing in the middle of April and potentially losing my job any moment.
Al signed us up for the blockbuster version of Netflix. So I'm off to watch a movie and work on my deadly twining asp.

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