Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall fun

We went to the NY sheep and wool festival and visited with Marisa and with Eric's alpacas. I've been sewing a lot, including the baby pants featured above (I love JoAnn's fabrics for fun corduroy).

It finally feels like fall here, but too late for me to salvage Halloween. I kept putting off Halloween crafts, waiting for it to be cold, and now I've got three uncarved pumpkins on my kitchen counter and a brand new (unused) pumkin carving kit.
The pictures above are all jumbled up, but also include Sarah and David's fabulous party in celebration of their marriage (NOT a wedding, as David kept reminding me) an apple pie I made, and a visit with Penelope's best friend Rosie.
Al is requesting that I assist with the kitchen clean-up, so no more time to post--it really is hard to find a moment!

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nicole m said...

Rosie is so honored!Love the overalls.