Sunday, November 11, 2007

An Unexpected Sunday

Boy and his (neurotic and bizarre) dog. Just ask Nora whether looks count or not.
A quiet night at work has left me with an unexpectedly unscheduled Sunday. I hardly know what to do with myself. It has finally gotten cold here, so our usual walk to Clark Park with the dogs will probably need to involve some coffee/hot chocolate at the Green Line Cafe.
I've been enjoying a new cookbook called "The Sneaky Chef" which involves pureeing veggies in various combinations and adding them to 'kid friendly' foods like macraroni and cheese or french toast. It actually seems to be working, although Diego did reject the turkey meatballs that had spinach and brocolli in them on the grounds that they were green. I found them pretty tasty though. I may attempt the 'white puree' today as well as some of the healthy chocolate chip cookies (involving wheat germ and a lot of pureed almonds. Apparently Jessica Seinfeld has a similar book, but she's actually being sued by the author of this cookbook for plagerism. So I have the original.

Penelope and Diego had a checkup yesterday. All seems to be fine--even though Penelope hadn't been in for a well-baby visit since April. Apparently she is supposed to be in every 2 months. Al and I were gently reprimanded by our lovely doctor.

Halloween was fun.

The rare 2-tailed dragon.
The dragon and his friends.


Kevin said...

I tried to sneak Si some pureed kale tonight, and all we got was a handful of vomit (fortunately, it was Christine's hand, and not mine.) Good luck!

Jessi said...

The puree combinations she puts together are remarkably bland--there is some kind of alchemy involved whereby peas cancel out brocolli and sspinach (for example)