Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pregnancy brain

Okay, turn the camera on.  That helps get the pictures on to the computer... Still can't figure out how to get the pix arranged as I want, so they're not in order.  Oh well.
Mom and I all dolled up for my birthday brunch at the 4 seasons.  Miss P thought she might be coming along.  Not in that outfit she's not!

Taking her new baby for a walk in its new pram in her new tutu. Aren't birthdays great.
Note the beautiful birthday dress.  Ahem. Homemade.
Happy birthday P!  She had her first cake from Rachel's and it was absolutely beautiful and delicious.  Hopefully the first of many.

Diego and Grandpa driving us back across the bay.

Did I mention we had a great time on Fire Island?  
This is the baby doll I made her for her b-day.  Complete with diaper and real baby socks.  She said "I dike dis baby."

Even more exciting pictures of crafts to follow.


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Christine said...

I'm speechless with joy! almost... you are all so lovely in your summer photos, the belly is perfect... I'll go now before I start weeping.