Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby quilt take 2

Okay, here is the more appropriately sized baby quilt.  It has flannel on the back and puffy, light polyester batting.  I have run out of beds, cradles etc for putting this quilts on, so this one lives on the back of this chair in the front room for now (where it can be exposed to full sun at for at least 3 hours a day).
On the subject of "being past your due date can be fun if you make it fun" here is a dress I made for Penelope. The pattern is from Oliver and S which is a company that makes fabulous, easy to follow patterns for kids clothes.  The fabric is from Heather Ross's new Mendocino line.  Can you see that they are mermaids?  Fuschia mermaids.  What could be better?  The dress actually looks even cuter on.  
Because it's been chilly and I want her to be able to wear the dress to the school picnic today, I made a pair of flannel-lined pants to wear underneath.  They are also fuschia.  With cabbages and roses.  Fuschia cabbages and orange roses.  Again, remember the theme is "being past your due date can be fun if you make it fun."

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Marisa said...

I'm digging all of the projects! I have a midwifery student living in my craft room and am itching to get at my sewing machine and yarn.