Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't you want to be friends with this girl?

The computer is back in the kitchen, so I have no excuse for my absence from the blog world.  Except that I have continued to be slightly to very overwhelmed at all times, and also feeling like I don't have that much to share as a result.  I mean the kids are cute, but it's hard to make a blog post about "my house is a mess, I yelled at my kids all day and the dog pooped in the basement." Ha.  There it is.  

After all those weeks of menu planning and cooking, boy did I get burned out. I just don't feel like cooking anything.  I'm remembering last year at this time: I was in a total flurry of chicken soup and rhubarb crumble-making.  I think it was a pregnancy thing.  I am working on some crafty projects for Claudia's room.  That's right, it's not a misprint.  Claudia has her own room.  After 5 years of total commitment to the family bed, co-sleeping, nursing on demand, etc, we have made the switch to a crib at the other end of the house.  And it is actually working very well with an amount of crying I'm okay with and an amount of sleep I'm thrilled with.  Plus, it provides a major crafting opportunity: curtains, quilts, pillowcases, mobile, etc.  I'm enjoying it all and will post some pictures next time.

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