Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally, pictures

My girls on the "shaggy blanket" which we received in the mail from one of my talented former co-workers at Chestnut Hill.  A belated and wonderfully welcome baby present for Claudia.  It has been totally co-opted by P, but that's okay since Claudia has 2 mama-made quilts and P has none (shh).

We've been spending more time up in the country, where the kids can do what Penelope calls "Mud work".  The house is coming along amazingly well.  I am working on my fear of trees and spend 2 nights at the cabin alone with the kids.  We're hoping the house will be done in time for us to spend some time up there this summer.

Behold our newest family member, Thorin Oakenshield.  He is adjusting well to life with the Schwarz-Madrids.

Diego got to visit with some backyard chickens in our neighborhood.  We read the Murray McMurray chicken catalogue that night instead of stories.
Claudia has been perfecting her rolling technique.  

It's not easy.

This is the quilt I made for the school auction.  I ended up buying it myself because I couldn't stand to see it sold for only $60.  Only one person bid on it.  Not good for the old ego.  Anyway, now we have another quilt.  Actually we have 2 quilts, unexpectedly.  A wedding quilt for some friends which had been a very long time in the making is not going to it's intended recipients as they are (sadly) no longer married.  Perhaps 6 years is a little too long for a wedding present.  On the other hand, maybe it was a good test.  I feel a little funny about keeping the quilt though...

Sunday morning brunch...

Two knitters in the making.
More menus and hopefully the split pea soup recipe soon.

Blogging is really hard with the computer still on my dresser in the bedroom.  We originally put it there right after Claude was born so we could watch some TV in the evenings while I lay around and nursed her.  Somehow 5 months has flown right by, and I still like to watch tv in the evenings while I lay around and nurse her.  I suppose some day I will be ready to watch tv somewhere other than my bed, with my big fat girl sleeping beside me, and then I will be able to blog more regularly.  But that day hasn't yet come...
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Nancy said...

where is this new construction of yours? the new(ish) babe is wonderfully rosie cheeked!

Jessi said...

it's my dad's construction is in upstate ny...we love it

Marisa said...

Great pics-- the kids are beautiful and Claudia looks just like Diego! Love the quilt. Let me know when you are heading to NY.

Emily said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful! I can't tell if they look more like you or Al?! I really want to see all of you soon. I can't wait to spend some time this summer.
WAIT- you got a dog?!? what kind is he/she? I can't tell from the picture. xoxo