Thursday, June 4, 2009

Before photos...

What?  Your dining room doesn't look like this?  
This is one of my projects for the next few weeks: relocating my crafting to the basement.  Actually, we're shuffling a lot of stuff around in the house these days.  Claudia sleeping in the back room means we're down a guest room.  Although we never seem to have friends over anymore, we do have family visiting often enough that we need to have a comfortable place for folks to sleep.  This means moving the television (and a whole lot of other crap) up from the basement.  I'm going to try to contain my crafting stuff in the back corner of the basement so that we can have a dining table again.  

Also in the works: moving a large bookcase from Claudia's bedroom to ours, moving Claudia's clothes out of the bathroom and into her room, moving the cradle out of the dining room and into the garage, reorganizing the kid's art stuff and setting up an art table for them.

Every now and then I feel sort of hopeless about the state of this house, the size, the amount of stuff contained therein.  But today I'm feeling optimistic--like a little rearranging might just make it work.

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