Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We had another weekend of travel: up to the country this time, for the alpaca shearing and a party at Eric's afterwards.  The drive there and back was uneventful, which is about as good as we can hope for.  We've finally figured out that on a Friday, we have to either leave early, or leave late.  I think we knew this before, but somehow wanting to leave early, but not being able to actually get it together to do it was a hard cycle to break.  After the last time (with an emergency change of plans that landed us at my mom's in the city for the night) we've finally learned.

We left at 7:30 on Friday night, with the kids all fed their dinner and in their jammies.  I even went for a run before we left (I call it a desperation run, because it was in the middle of a thunder storm, but a run just the same).  Driving up at night, ,with the kids all asleep in the back, reminded me of going out to Fire Island during the winter as a kid.  I loved being carried into the house so much that even if I was awake, I'd pretend to be asleep so I could get a ride.

As the parent now (notice I don't say grown-up), I am continually amazed at how much planning and work goes into even a weekend trip.  Packing just the essentials for 5 people and one dog, even for just a few days is really challenging for me.  Plus, now with Claudia being a crib baby, we also schlepped up a port-a-crib (except we don't have a port-a-crib because I don't believe in cribs and never owned one, so we actually schelpped the co-sleeper which is twice as heavy and more difficult to assemble).  Plus, I've been bringing the jogger so that we can take longer walks with the big kids.  Loading up the car takes a really long time.  

The cabin, much as I love it, is definitely feeling a little too small for our clan these days.  After working so hard to get Claudia on a schedule, I sure do suffer when she isn't able to take her two long naps in a quiet darkened room.  And somehow, Diego and Penelope just don't really care enough to either play outside without setting foot inside, or sit silently for 2 hours as I would like them too.  Go figure.  I'll be really happy when the house is done, although the finishing work is much slower-going than the earlier building stages.  

Today in Philly is sticky and warm.  The house is a mess (this is what happens when you go away every weekend) and the kids are in their last week of school (which means I must begin my neurotic and ineffectual search for appropriate end-of-year gifts for their teachers).  I'm actually looking forward to having them both home for a bit.  I know it will be an adjustment, but with Claudia settling down and sleeping so much more, I think the big kids and I will have some fun.


Marisa said...

Alpacas! Yeah! Did you get to take some fleece home with you?

Jessi said...

just the scraps...