Sunday, January 2, 2011

I had an actual complaint in real life from an actual person that I haven't been updating the blog enough.

I know. I am still feeling overwhelmed: job, kids, house, holidays, haven't bought a 2011 calendar yet (that's on the agenda for today). Guess where the blog falls in this list of responsibilities/pleasures/privileges....Somewhere after walking the dog but before vacuming the upstairs rugs (and now you know how my rugs must look!).

Anyway, like everyone, we've had a busy month. We had a flute recital--complete with 2 parents crying like loons for every child who played. See the flute player in the center below.
a ballet recital,

a birthday party for a now 7-year old boy who happens to be obsessed with Egypt.

And Christmas of course.

I made a princess doll for P and was very pleased with her. I used the tutorial from Wee Wonderfuls to make ringlets--which took about 2 weeks of wrapping, glueing and sewing. P had asked for a "cradle that wocks" (can you hear the way she says R's?" We had this little black cradle in the basement from when I was little. It had been broken by Diego attempting to climb into it when he was a toddler. Al repaired it and I made a little mattress, pillow and quilt for it. The princess also received an everyday dress, a nightgown and appropriate underpants (petticoat and panties--lace trimmed of course).

By the end of the day, we had lost a shoe and the crown, Penelope had brushed the ringlets (which required an emergency repair) and she had put lip balm on the doll's face. To me, that means the doll was a success.

I didn't do a whole lot of crafting for the other kids this year for Christmas (see 'overwhelmed' above). But I am 95% finished with a sweater for Claudia. When my mom caught me knitting on the toilet on Christmas eve, I decided that it was important to know when to let things go.

We also had a snow-storm adventure (terrifying at the time, but exciting in retrospect) and an awesome reunion with the L.A. Schwarz's, including a chance to meet the newest Schwarz, baby Rowan (but I forgot my camera). And we have some exciting news to share which will be forthcoming soon.

Happy New Year,

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Nikki said...

What on earth could be your exciting news? You just moved and renovated a house so it's not that. I don't think it's about jobs... If you were getting a new pet you would just say it... Seriously you couldnt POSSIBLY be pregnant, right?