Sunday, April 24, 2011

We went to a fancy plant place on the way to Longwood Gardens on Easter Sunday. Everyone found things to like.
Including a really expensive Easter brunch...
I have been busy lately, outfitting P with appropriately old-fashioned clothes. She is Laura Ingalls after all.
And I made a baby carrier for the new baby. Claudia and Al were kind enough to model it for me. It is the mei tai carrier from Sew Liberated. The pattern was really easy--so easy in fact that I was half kicking myself for buying it. But with so little time for crafting these days, it is nice to skip the test runs and just know something will turn out well the first time. Which this one did.
Lots more stuff to show. Nothing says end of pregnancy to me like manic frenzied crafting, and I've been doing plenty of it!


stpatti said...

I just read your news! Many congratulations on your new addition! When do you anticipate the arrival of your beautiful bebe?
Loved your easter expediton!

Jessica said...

The new baby is due at the end of this month...thanks for the congrats. J