Sunday, November 25, 2007

After the bird

Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. I think it is 2-fold. Firstly, although the holiday in meaning is really about gratitude, in practice, it is really about eating. Which (of course) pleases me. Plus there's the old-fashoined element to it--pilgrims etc. Secondly, because it is a harvest festival it doesn't carry any weird religious conflict or ambivalence for someone like me who grew up in a non-religious/2-religions household. There's no conflict about gratitude.

So Thanksgiving was fabulous, as it usually is, year after year. My mom excels at the sort of cooking that is traditional for Thanksgiving, and we had a wonderful group of friends and family at the table this year. Diego watched a little more TV over the weekend than I would prefer, but with no other kids his age (after Minky's grandaughter Amelia left on Friday morning) and pretty chilly weather, I was willing to give in a little (for the sake of a little peace).

Unfortunately, no pictures. My camera needs a repair, but this is where working nights becomes a real drag: either I have to stay up until 10 am to drop it off after work, or I have to go in to work at about 3:30 (prime napping time). So there has been a slight delay in getting it fixed, but it will happen.

I have to work tonight, but hopefully today we will be able to get some house projects done including relocating 2 bookcases back into the sunroom (from whence they came) and putting away the clothes from the beach.

Renewed talk at work about the possibility of the department closing. I can't help myself from scanning the website in search of other places/options.

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