Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Penelope has croup! That's what we get for a 'well-baby' visit. When I called the doctor about her crazy high fevers and barking cough, she said 1/3 of her pediatric patients have croup. Well geez, now you tell me.

Diego has been having some issues with a boy in his class "Amar." He tells me "Amar said I'm slow when I'm eating" and "Amar says I can never work with him again." It seems like Diego really like Amar and continues to pursue hanging out with him even though Amar gives him a hard time. This pains me and I have been tempted to go slit the child's throat, but instead have been trying to help him find 'appropriate' ways of coping. He had obviously been thinking about it because yesterday he said "Mom, if Amar tells me I'm slow, I'm going to say "I'm tired of this 'slow' stuff!" I told him that sounded good. But if it doesn't work, tell Amar to come and see me...

Diego told me Penelope is a 'stoling monster' because she always 'stoles my toys'.

He has been taking flute lessons for 2 weeks now. Part of his practicing involves singing "Where is thunbkin" to strengthen his fingers. Yesterday he stood in front of me singing it at top volume, and the 2nd-to-last line was "How are you this morning? Very well my fank you." Got it? Very well my fank you?

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