Monday, March 16, 2009

Meal plans

Here are my meal plans for last week and this week:
Monday: split pea soup and homemade bread
Tuesday: pasta with sauteed mushrooms and homemade bread
Wednesday: chicken sausage with rice and brocolli
Thursday: slow-cooker chicken nachos
Friday: dinner out
Saturday: tortellini, leftover chicken sausage and brocolli (for the kids). Olive chicken and rice for me and Al (chicken was in the freezer).
Sunday: ate on the road

Monday: Italian wedding soup (from the freezer from Mom's last visit)
Tuesday: More olive chicken and rice, cut up veggies & spinach dip
Wednesday: Indonesian rice salad
Thursday: Baked ziti with veggies and homemade bread (maybe bread, we'll see how the day goes)
Friday: Twice baked potatoes with spinach
Saturday: Al is feeding the kids
Sunday: Homemade pizza

I can't seem to find my cable to connect the camera with the computer, so no pix for now.


Marisa said...

You're making me hungry. I'm eating a bad tuna sandwich from the crapateria at work. Mmmm...

Christine said...

share your split pea soup recipe! (I have fond postpartum memories of gobbling it over the top of a fuzzy head)

Jessi said...

oh yes, I will! It's from Laurel's kitchen and it is the easiest soup recipe I know. I'll try to post it this week.