Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween and house update

Diego was a vampire bat. Penelope--well I'm not sure what she was but it involved both wings and a cape as well as a tutu. Claudia followed suit but omitted the wings and wore rain boots in stead of sneakers...
And, a finished room. I believe that Penelope's room is the only one in the house that is actually 'done' as in I don't have plans to move any furniture or hang any more pictures or anything.
The color of the walls is "bed of roses by Benjamin Moore and it is PINK. I had read that pink, more than other colors, appears much stronger on the wall than on the chip, and in this case, that was true. But the princess likes it, so that's okay with me.
The curtains were in Claudia's room at the old house and matched the pink walls nicely as well as P's new birthday quilt. The bed and bedside table, Al and I got at an antique shop in Chester County--the bed is one of a pair and the other is in Claudia's room (she calls it Daddy's bed because that's where Al lies while putting her to bed and usually falls asleep himself).
The art work is a combination of old stuff that my dad and I have picked up at various flea markets over the years as well as paintings by my grandmother and friend Sarah (like almost all the art in our house). The hooks on the wall are from Anthropologie and hold some tutu's and her nightgowns and robe (homemade polar fleece from our awesome friend Christine). The rug is from Ikea and the chair my mom got at a kid's store in NY.

The whole room is about 8x10 (which probably explains why it's the only rooms that's done!).

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Marisa said...

The kids are too cute and the new house is beautiful. Can't wait to see you next weekend!